Monday, July 9, 2007

Soooo Busy!

See? I'm so busy that I forgot to include the four trips I've made to Martha's Vineyard since the Mother's Day post. 1) 3 days in the first week of May with Oma & Opa and Lynne, 2) Day trip with the River Road Hollands, 3) Memorial Day Weekend, 4) Day trip to visit the Michauds while they were on vacation. SORRY!

Here I am with Opa in the beginning of May:

At Betty the Jetty in early May:

Playing with Lynne:

Memorial Day weekend with Daddy at Betty the Jetty:

Asleep at Betty the Jetty:

Playing with Ivy:

I don't have photos of my visit to MV with the Hollands but, I did play with a doll while they visited, so that will have to content you:

And a one day visit to Cape Pogue while the Michauds were on vacation:

My apologies to those I omitted. (Thanks Oma & Opa)

Friday, July 6, 2007


What?!?!? It's been almost two months since my last post? Yikes!

Sorry about that but, I've been very busy:

Visited Grandmom and Pop for two weeks

Went to a Reading Phillies game with Grandmom, PopPop, Uncle Mike, Aunt Amy and Fiona

Ate wings with Uncle Chris, Aunt B and Taylor (not pictured)
and then played with Sara and Samantha

Chili dogs at the Crystal Palace

It was so very tiring

Then I spent a week in Ocean City, NJ

Celebrated Charlotte's 1st birthday

Went to the boardwalk

Caught a sunrise

Then, there was Sarah Ruthven's 1st birthday party

playing soccer with Daddy at the birthday party

Then a playdate with Sarah

There was also a party for Simon's first birthday and we went to a Cape Cod Baseball league game (Cotuit Ketleers vs. Falmouth Commodores). I think Mama got tired of taking, I don't have evidence of these two things. But, I promise you we did them. Oh, and Mommy and I went to Heritage Gardens and Museum yesterday and rode the carousel. So, you can see I've been very busy. Will you let me off the hook for not posting???