Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grandmom and PopPop's visit and the Barnstable County Fair

watching e-cards online with PopPop

reading with Grandmom

trying to pet a goat

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Andrew seems to be on the verge of communicating much more eloquently. Just today he added three new words to his vocabulary...or at least they were new to my ears.

1) lawnmower (mow-mower) - we saw one on our walk this morning...I'm convinced Opa taught him this word.
2) wheelbarrow (wheelbarrow) - I taught him this on our walk this morning...and he picked it up instantly!
3) ocean (ocean) - to refer to his Baby Einstein DVD about the ocean

Add these to his already growing list of words (helicopter, airplane, truck, and FINALLY...Mama!)

This is very exciting! I'm looking forward to finding out what more of those sounds he's been saying actually mean. As Oma pointed out...we've all become fluent in Andrew-speak while waiting for him to "speak our language". But, we may be getting much closer now...