Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, AP

Dear Andrew,

Happy 2nd Birthday! This past year you've learned so many new skills. You progress has made it very clear to Daddy and me that the baby we knew a year ago has grown into the amazing boy you have become. These past months have seen you learn how to walk (and run), how to talk and communicate, improve your comprehension of language and the world around you, and feed yourself, just to name a few.

October 2007

What strikes your father and I over and over is how much personality you have and how much fun you are to be with. You can make us laugh with a funny face or by imitating one of us. You love to mimic. Whether it is imitating me when I say "ummm." or imitating Daddy when he clears his throat or blows his nose. But, you don't just mimic our sounds and the things we say. You love to do what we are doing. You like to help cook, vacuum, put things in the trash, clean up your toys, comb your hair, read, put your clothes in your dresser and refill the birdfeeders. A lot of these tasks you do with such seriousness and concentration. You are a hard worker. You could spend hours moving rocks from one pile in the driveway to the patio and back.

March 2008

We are also proud of how well you follow instructions, say please and thank you and love to give hugs and kisses. This all seems like typical things parents should be proud of or say they want their kids do. But when we see you do these things on your own, we can't help but gush.

You've begun to play more on your own and it is interesting to watch you problem solve. We wish we could see into your brain to see what you are thinking. You are learning so much, so quickly, that I often feel like I'm reacting to your development instead of anticipating it. Your personality and intelligence are always coming out in new ways that cause my jaw to drop. Usually, this is most evident in how strong your memory is getting. You’ll remember a game we played weeks ago and ask for it again. Or you’ll sing the last word of each line of a song.

May 2008

One of my favorite things you do is when you come in the door after a walk with Daddy with your arm outstretched clutching a little bouquet of wildflowers for me. The smile on your face and the earnestness with which you give them to me make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world! I also love the fervor with which you have started to give hugs and kisses. You no longer just offer a cheek or tolerate a hug but, give a good smack on the lips and a little grunt when you hug. Daddy and I are lucky to get hugs half as intense as the ones you give your best friend and companion, your stuffed puppy Roscoe. We can see already you have so much love to give and it's a joy to see you share it.

May 2008

We are enjoying how funny your vocabulary is and how much you have learned to say this year. You can point out cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, boats, planes and helicopters no matter how far away they are. You know the different sounds as well and you will name the passing vehicle when it goes by your bedroom window without even looking out.

Your enthusiasm about the things around you help us realize how seldomly we get excited about anything. It always brings a smile to our faces when you see a favorite thing and start your chatter about it with an enthusiastic "WHOA!". Our home echoes with your calls of "Whoa, big truck!", or "Whoa, big pancake!", or “Whoa, big box!”.

September 2008

This year also saw your transformation into a water rat. You took swimming lessons in the early spring at a high school pool. Then, this summer you spent lots of time in the ocean at Cape Pogue and Ocean City. You also spent a lot of time swimming at the lake in our neighborhood with Daddy. You are fearless, always wanting to run along the dock and jump into the water. It was all we could do to make sure we were in the water first to catch you.

July 2008

For nine months of your past year, I was pregnant. We enjoyed watching you talk to my belly. Saying, "Hi, Baby" in such a sweet little voice. You would pat my belly and were excited when we started to prepare the house for Jay's arrival. You would point out what things were for the baby. And your general concern for Mommy was so touching. If I would let out a loud exhale or a grunt of discomfort, a knowing look would cross your face and you'd commiserate with me, saying simply "the baby". You are so sweet and would take it so serious when I ask for your help. No matter what the request, you would usually oblige happy to know that you were helping Mommy.

And now, you are truly a big brother. Little Jay is so lucky to have you for an older sibling. You already care about him so much. Letting Mommy know when he is crying, giving him a blanket, sharing your Roscoes with him, getting his binky. And you talk about him a lot. We are so happy and proud to see how you have accepted him into your world with ease.

September 2008

This has been a wonderful year and I am so excited to see what you will accomplish in the next year. Happy 2nd birthday, Andrew! I love you very much!