Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

'Twas the Night Before Chistmas...(not interested)

Peek-a-boo puppies...very interested!

I had no trouble at all opening my own gifts...

A little help from Daddy...

I loved my new fleece sweatshirt...I had to put it on right away!

Checking out my doggie slippers from Grandmom & PopPop.

Big present from Santa


My new puppy and farm!

Somebody couldn't wait for me to take my morning nap!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting in the festive mood...

To help get in a festive mood, we went to see the Spectacle of Lights at Heritage Gardens last weekend.

It was pretty cold that night...luckily I was all bundled up.

I sat on Santa's lap. We were in the back seat of an antique car.

Then we rode the carousel.

I was a big help to Mommy and Daddy this past weekend too.

Picking out a tree...

Decorating the house...

Wrapping presents...

Taste-testing the cookies...

We're ready for Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hangin' out with Mommy in the morning:

Surveying the damage of Hurricane Noel in Chatham:

(A visit to PA) - great minds getting together:

Visit to Lehigh University:

Andrew reclining in Fiona's bean bag chair:

Feeding Tostitos to Jackdog:

Playdate with Ben:

Meeting Shubhra:

Back in Massachusetts, Andrew had his first haircut by Mommy:


It's been a while since any photos have been posted here. A look at October:

Andrew's 1st birthday party:

Fiona taught Andrew what to do when someone puts cake in front of you:

My quick learner:

Oslerwurst '07: Andrew in his lederhosen and alpine hat...shown here with PopPop.

Down to PA to meet Nathaniel Christopher:

Hi buddy, I'm your cousin...

Visiting Daddy at "work"

Andrew helped enter the GPS coordinates.