Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So long 2013...

...it's been fun!

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Gift

This Christmas, Mark and are getting each other new windows for the house.  Feeling generous, we also thought we’d treat ourselves to new tires on the van.  Romantic, right?

Well, “every kiss might begin with Kay” but, I don’t need a diamond bracelet to know Mark loves me more now than the day we wed.  Nope.  He shows me how much he loves me by leaving for work early to take care of this mundane but inconvenient chore, thus sparing me the unpleasantness of sitting in an auto shop waiting room with a five-year-old while my Christmas to-do list goes undone. 

Now, that is romantic.  (In my book anyway.)    

Love you, Mark!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Highlights 12/6 -12/15

Some highlights from last week:

1.  First snowfall of the season

We had a "winter event" last weekend.  Here in Virginia, any frozen precipitation is called a winter event.  And it should be feared...or so the local news teams would have you believe.  "What will this mean for our morning commute?  Will it ever be 50 degrees again? etc." 

2.   Snowball fight with neighbors

We have new neighbors who happen to have three older boys.  They are great playmates for Andrew & Jay who absolutely love them.  Andrew and Jay were having a blast playing in the snow with them.  I look out the kitchen window to see a full on snowball fight taking place in my backyard with lots of our neighbors.  Smile.

3.   Frozen wonderland = day off from school = going to see Frozen

On the bright side, our ice storm allowed us to enjoy two snow days (Monday & Tuesday) and a two hour delay (Wednesday).  So, Andrew, Jay and I took advantage and went to see Frozen.  This is a great movie.  We highly recommend it.     

4.  Andrew reading our advent prayers at dinnertime.

Loving this.  It's a nice moment of calm in what are otherwise rather hectic days.  He is so serious and thoughtful about it.  It's nice.

5.  Andrew nodding hello to another kid at the grocery store (sup….sup)

He's so cool.  It's funny to see him having relationships with other kids I know nothing about.  

6.  Watching Christmas specials as a family Sunday night.

Carving out another moment of calm for our family...we like to snuggle up on the couch in pajamas, ready for bed, and watch Christmas specials together.  Just perfect.  

7.  Getting our house decorated for Christmas.

Fun to watch the boys decorate the tree this year.  We only lost 2 ornaments, too!  Heehee.  Oh, how I love having a tree glowing in the living room, stockings hung by the fireplace, and classical Christmas music on in the background. 

8.  Zoo Lights

We headed to the National Zoo on Sunday night for Zoo Lights.  Great fun.  Light displays, snow tubing, carousel ride, model train and lego displays, gingerbread habitat contest display.  Great family fun.