Friday, September 25, 2009


Jay - I wanted to document you have spoken your first word. And it is "please". You make me beam with pride.

So, let's see your favorite words/sounds are: Mama, Dada, and please. And I can see you working on other ones, especially, "Andrew" and what I thought was "where Andrew?" For a while I thought your first spoken word was going to be "more" but, it makes me so happy that instead the first word is "please".


Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jay! (aka PumpkinPie, Jaybird, JayOne, JayJay, JayJay the Jet Plane)

Dear Jay,

Happy 1st birthday. I doubt I will ever forget your promptness, arriving very early on your due date. You decided to be born on September 11th no matter how much I originally did not want you to be. When I was holding you in my arms shortly after 6am, I realized you wanted to be born on this day. I must admit it crossed my mind that someday you might be a politician. Jay Osler, a true American, born on September 11th, with great accuracy! I’m sure that was just conjured up in the deliria / afterglow of childbirth.

You woke me at 12:45am with strong contractions. And I hope I’ll never forget the feeling I had laying in bed, in the dark, being one with just you. It was such a special time. The calm before the storm, I suppose. I spent a few moments listening to you, feeling you, knowing I would not have you all to myself for much longer.

Your father and I were completely shocked by your quick arrival. Dr. DeMeo must have been too, because I remember how he remarked, “this baby is coming fast and furious.” And like a flash, you were out and a part of this world. And I would have to share you with this world. But, I don’t mind. I’m so proud to be your mama that it’s fun to share you and your wonderful nature with others.

In the early weeks of your life, I often felt amazed by how constant caring for you and your brother felt. Now, I look at you and I am just constantly amazed by the boy you’re becoming. You have always been a very content baby. I would comment that “life on the back burner seems to suit you.” Feeling somewhat guilty about admitting that you were even on the back burner of my attention. And yet, your father and I started to notice that you have a very strong independence. You were more than content to play with your Little People farm by yourself. As you get bigger in our arms, we notice you are not a snuggler either. Perhaps, just another form of showing us your independence.

You are such a happy child too, very content from the beginning. You have a wonderful smile and I delight in seeing your dimples every so often. I think my favorite smile right now, is the one I see when you are in your high chair and see me approaching with your tray. How you love to eat! We have yet to encounter a food you do not like. Even though you have now demonstrated that you have learned the sign language for “more” and “all done”, we rarely see you make the sign for “all done”.

I delight in watching how you admire your big brother. Since you’ve been able to notice Andrew, you have always been watching him. I love in the morning watching you light up when you see Andrew first thing. There was a time when Andrew would bound into your room to greet you while you were still in the crib, with a cheery, “Good Morning, Jay!”. How you smiled then.

We always get a kick out of watching you crawl. It is really fun to watch, when you crawl super fast across the floor after something you spied across the room. You are a quick learner too. Already just a few days after you mastered climbing the stairs (thanks to Opa teaching you), you were able to follow instructions on how to get back down the stairs...sliding on your belly. Impressive! Now, you are on the verge of walking on your own. You do mighty fine already with a little bit of assistance. I can’t imagine you’ll be bounding all around the playground in a few months time.

Jay, you are my special boy. I love watching over you, guiding you, caring for you. I am so very proud to be your mother. Watching your personality continue to grow will be such a treat this coming year.

So glad I have a front row seat.

Happy 1st birthday, Jay! I love you.