Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Super Guy!

Dear Jay,

Happy Birthday!  You are now 4 years old.

If I were to sum up this past year in one word, it would be "Superhero".  You  love all things superheroes...nothing more than being one yourself.  This year we've become acquainted with your secret identity, Super Guy.  And you are just that...SUPER!

You continue to be very independent.  You dress yourself, get yourself drinks of water from the refrigerator, put your shoes on, buckle up in the car.  Your awareness of other people's feelings is really impressive.  You will apologize on your own and you try really hard to always be kind.  You unfortunately have decided you don't like kisses.  But, I'm able to sneak some in every day.  I think this all part of you becoming a kid, leaving your toddler days behind you.  You will quickly correct me if I call you "my baby".  I promise I mean it only as an endearment.  I am keenly aware that you are no longer my baby.

 It's always amazing to me how much you change in a year.  Earlier this year, you would ask "Who's hum?", when you wanted to identify a car or action figure.  You would say your cars were shuffin' and broomin' to indicate the sounds an engine makes.  But, now, you speak wonderfully long sentences utilizing your ever growing vocabulary.  My jaw drops sometimes when I hear the words you use.

I love that you still enjoy Mommy - Jay time.  With Andrew at school all day, every day, you and I still get to have our Mommy-Jay time together.  Knowing that this is the last year we can have this special one-on-one time, it means that much more to me that you love the thought of spending time with me.  Even if it is to run boring errands and the occasional visit to Dunkin' Donuts.

The day before you turned 4, you started preschool.  Already you are enjoying it so much.  I just smile watching you walk around with your backpack on.  And I love how excited you are to show me your artwork each day when I pick you up.  On your first day, when I asked you "how was school?", you replied, "it was happy".  I know you are going to flourish.

Another highlight of this year has been your adaptation to video games.  You amaze me that you can pick up games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, intuitively.  Just three weeks ago, I showed you how to use the mouse and my laptop.  Within two days, you were navigating games online like a pro!

 You have a wonderful sense of humor.  You are kind.  You are sweet.  Your father and I are so very proud of you and the boy you are becoming.  Happy Birthday, Jay!