Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recent fun

Opa's boo-boo...(not fun)

Andrew saying "boo-boo" (fun)

Calling Aunt Erin on her BIRTHDAY! (fun)

Andrew brought all of his stuffed animals into Mark's lap for bedtime stories (funny)

Helping Opa open a birthday present (fun)

Playing in the pool with cousins (lots of fun!)

Andrew has also taken a strong interest in cooking lately. He really loves to watch Mark and I cook/bake. Mark has been patient enough to let him help too. It's neat to watch and listen to them in the kitchen together.

Cutting green peppers for stir-fry

Placing them in the bowl - aka learning about "mise en place"

Silly bar-b-que boy...

Another recent fun thing...I'm getting huge!