Monday, October 8, 2007

All sugar'd up!

Now, we'll have no trouble getting Andrew into his highchair. He thinks there will be either donuts or cake served when he's sitting there. I guess we should get to work on our broccoli cake and green bean donut.

Mmmmm...phillies donut (the official donut of the Red Sox)

Puppy dog birthday cake

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, AP

Dear Andrew,

Happy 1st Birthday! I can still feel my emotions from one year ago today. I was completely overwhelmed with joy, pride (and relief). I was so relieved to be done pushing…I forgot to look for your face. You were whisked away from me and I just looked up at the ceiling, smiled and cried. I remember saying “Oh, my God” over and over. And “We have a baby.” Of course, I knew you were a boy…I had consulted the crystal and Oma had done some tests, plus one of the housekeepers at the hospital told me I would have a boy. So, I wasn’t surprised when Dr. Cabe said, “It’s a boy”. Once you were cleaned up and checked out, a nurse placed you on my chest and in my arms. I couldn’t believe I was holding you.

And in all of the commotion and emotion, after we had nursed for the first time, you were taken to the nursery to get a blood test (or something…sorry I don’t remember). And it wasn’t until then that I realized I hadn’t studied your face. I asked your Daddy if he knew what you looked like. Would he know if they brought us someone else and not our baby boy? I was panicked. How were you able to turn my life upside down in less than 3 hours!?!?!

Oh, how you have changed my life. I never knew what being a mother would be. I thought about it, I read about it, I talked to other mothers about it, and I prayed about it. But, I have to tell you this has been nothing like what I expected and greater than any experience I have had to date. You are a true blessing and I love watching over you and watching you grow. I am so proud of you.

I have been proud to be Grandmom and PopPop’s daughter. I have been proud to be Uncle Chris and Uncle Mike’s sister. I have been proud to be your father’s wife. None of these compare to the pride I feel as your mother. And I am bowled over when I see someone else’s face in yours. I have seen your father and myself sometimes in there. Usually, I see your cousins and my cousins in your face. It’s amazing. I feel so proud to have connected you to the Holland/McDevitt and Osler/Self family trees.

Andrew Patrick, you are my special, special boy, my pride and joy. Oh, how I love you…I’m so glad we got you. I am grateful to God that He sent you to us.

Happy 1st birthday, Andrew. I love you.