Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Power Nap

I've never been a believer in the "power nap". I realize there is scientific evidence that napping for just 20 minutes will cause you to feel re-energized, increase productivity, relieve stress etc. However, it has never worked for me and is working EVEN LESS for me today now that Andrew has become a power napper!

All he needs is 20-30 minutes (usually in the car no less) of sleep every few days to recharge those pre-schooler batteries! I have finally (after weeks of fighting it) given into this new habit. I have come to realize that he has basically given up his nap all together and that these power naps when they happen are a blessing.

Still, look at him, he just fell asleep while having a snack! I mean, you fell asleep while eating yet, you tell me you don't need a nap???

Monday, July 6, 2009

Remember me???

I have heard people say that the transition from having one child to having two children is not as difficult as the transition from zero to one. Well, I guess that would be true if you take the easy route and stay living in the same home, city, state, keep the same job, etc. How boring! Mark and I thought the true way to keep things interesting would be to have him start a new job in a different state just before our second was born. Therefore, we could move with said children to a new home in a new city, new state, where we'd have to meet new people. I must report that so far it has been just that...interesting! We love our new home town and are doing great. Part of this transition was finding a new routine. The one we've found keeps us incredibly busy. There's story time, lunch with Daddy once a week, the MOMS Club, playdates, going to the pool, and more. I guess that's my excuse for the lack of posting here. I will aim to do better. As the pictures and blog ideas piled up it felt more and more like too much of a challenge to tackle in the little bit of free time I do have to myself. But, I'm going to get this off the to do list so we can get back in the blogging game so to speak. Hope all is well with you!

What keeps us busy:

Trips into D.C. on the metro

MOMS Club events at My Gym (a gymastics place for little ones)

A visit to our local fire station

Doing crafts

Jay's been learning how to feed himself.

Visiting Krispy Kreme everytime MumMum and PopPop visit

Going for nature walks

Washing the car

There was Uncle Jay & Aunt Malissa's (Red, White & Blue wedding)

There was a trip to the Jersey Shore

And my first run in about 5 years!!!