Thursday, May 19, 2011


Those of you who know me well, know that I can times...a little bit...competitive. A little. (Thankfully, most people who love me find it endearing rather than obnoxious!) However, I try very hard not to keep track of when the boys hit their milestones in relation to each other. First steps, first word, etc. But, I was very curious recently to see where we would end up with potty-training because, they started at two different ages.

I waited until after an important family wedding in which Andrew was the ring bearer to start his potty training. As a result, he was more than ready and old enough to do it well. He figured it out right away and was potty trained at 2 years, 8 months.

Jay on the other hand, showed interest in toilet learning (this is the phrase used in the "what to expect..." book and I think it's funny) much earlier. However, it has taken much longer for him to truly accomplish complete potty training. But, he has and it was right at 2 years, 8 months.

Isn't that interesting? (sounds of crickets chirping...people deleting my blog from their bookmarks...)

Well, that's not even the milestone I wanted to document here. The important milestone reached last night was:

Andrew and Jay's First PISSING CONTEST!

The boys and I were in their bathroom (which if you've been to our house, you realize has a maximum capacity for 3 people if you stand in just the right spots). First, they were racing to see who could get undressed first. Then, they sat side-by-side on their respective commodes (Andrew on the toilet and Jay on his potty) and commenced with their pre-bath duties. (snicker, snicker) Andrew leaps off of the toilet and declares, "I win!". Jay with all his pride, stands up and says "I win too!". Now, comes the bickering over who peed faster.

Ahhhh...raising boys is going to be so much fun!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mudder's Day

Recently, Andrew and Jay have started calling me "Mudder". It cracks me up. I'm pretty sure they picked it up from me too. Here's my thinking. I will scold them when they are being rude to me by saying "I am your mother and you can't talk to me that way." They seem to hear "I am your Mudder and you can't talk to me that way." See, what I mean? Evidently, I slip into a New York/Long Island type accent when scolding them about being rude to me, their mudder. What's funnier is that Andrew definitely knows it is incorrect which naturally makes it all the more funny to him.

So, I hope all the mothers out there, especially those who are so near and dear to me had a very special Mudder's Day! I sure did. Thanks in no small part to my wonderful husband who pampered me all weekend. This man sure makes me feel loved and appreciated. I am so blessed.

And being mother to these guys...well, I am really blessed.