Friday, August 31, 2007


On August 1, my cousin Patrick Kieran was born.
Mommy and I went to Pennsylvania to meet him:

While we were there, Uncle Mike took us to the pool.
Check out the cool fish I got to float on:

With Uncle Mike and Fiona after our swim. (PS - Fiona is a really good swimmer)

At our playground, swinging with Daddy:

I like to watch kids play and I like to yell to them:



Yesterday, Mommy and I had lunch at Oma & Opa's house.
Aunt Erin, Duncan and Ivy were there too:

Boy, do I love my doggie

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Osler men:

Andrew at Family Fun Friday:

Family Fun Friday - The Toe Jam Puppet Band:

At the Lobster Shack in Maine with the Zecchinellis:


All clean:

Playing with Ivy and Oma:

Cheezy poofs!

Mmmmm....cheezy poofs:

Ivy and Opa:

Meeting George Carpenter (and Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter and Tess):

Dog-eeeee: (George licking Andrew..Andrew loved it)

Unhappy teething boy...watching Sesame Street:

New pool:

Trying to hold both of his doggies while napping: