Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It doesn't take much...

...which is good because, we did not get much! The boys reveled in our first "snowfall" of 2012. It was only a dusting but, they sure made the most of it by playing outside yesterday evening while it fell and again this morning just after breakfast.

Jay came to us this morning in a panic. "No more (s)now outside." He and Andrew had gone to bed last night with high hopes that it would continue to snow during the night so that they might wake up to a true winter wonderland. Instead, they woke to find most of yesterday's snow had already melted. Still, they had fun playing in it this morning.

Happy boy

Two happy boys

Remnant of a snow angel made the day before

Snowball maker

Used his shovel to build a snow castle

Snow castle (walls for protection, the sticks in the front are trumpets, and the rest is decoration)

Adding the castle gate...