Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Mama post:

Yesterday was my first mother's day...and it was wonderful! My friend Erin was visiting for the weekend and got to share in my day. Mark (& Andrew) made a lovely breakfast of French toast, bacon, homemade macadamia nut & honey butter and warm syrup. Mark also had at the ready my coffee and a bloody mary. Plus, there were three freshly cut tulips from our yard on the table in a vase. I'm a lucky lady!

We went to church at 10am and found out that our church has a tradition of giving a flower to not the oldest mother but the newest mother. Guess who won? So, Andrew and I got to stand up and get a round of applause. It was nice too because the deacon who was announcing this remembered Andrew's name. We just love our church and are so glad we joined last fall.

We spent the afternoon showing Erin some of Cape Cod's lovely scenery winding up in Woods Hole for lunch at Pie in the Sky bakery. Then it was off to Providence Airport for Erin's flight back to Pittsburgh.

Once home, I was surprised when I walked into our room to see my baby boy sitting on our bed next to a present and homemade card. Mark truly spoiled me! He managed to get Andrew's handprints on a piece of construction paper and there was nice poem with it too. I also got a nice card from Mark. My present was wonderful: a new address book (much needed), a pair of earrings that looked just like the pair I broke on Thursday, and a pair of opal earring studs. Well, the first pair of earrings were the very ones I broke. Mark had them repaired and cleaned. And opal is the birthstone for October...Andrew's birth month. Truly wonderful and thoughtful.

Thank you, Mark. Thank you for making yesterday feel like it was my birthday. Mostly, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a mother. I just love it.

How could I not love being his mother?

My mother's day gifts:

Old earrings and new earrings:

Andrew's card:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Miscellaneous photos of my week...

Mommy and I had lunch with Aunt Erin and Ivy today. I'm a camera hog. Luckily, Ivy is patient with me.

Yay! Spring is here...or so I'm being told.