Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New skill....

Last night, I attended my first of four cake decorating classes. This was a gift from my dear husband for my birthday. I've often considered taking the classes offered at our local craft store to improve my decorating/icing skills. So, I was thrilled to be gifted this opportunity. Not to mention, how very sweet it is of my dear husband, to gift me some time to myself. He's so good to me.

I've been proud of the cakes I've made for the boys' birthdays but, clearly I could use some improvement and let's be honest some instruction.

I'll try to keep an update on my progress here. These are the cookies I made yesterday to use as my "blank canvas" for class one.

I learned two tips already that will drastically improve my cakes. So, in my opinion, this class has already paid for itself. And the main part of our lesson last night, was learning how to make stars, using the number 18 tip. Being the scatterbrain that I am, however, I forgot to take pictures of my finished product. Here is the best I can offer, which is Jay's half eaten cookie:

I'll try to post some more pictures as I practice. And I will certainly update here after each class.

What fun!

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Pumpkinmama said...

So glad you posted this, I'd been wondering how it went. Those cookies look so tasty.