Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring ???

It can't be. Mommy tells me Spring doesn't start until mid-June 'round these parts. Still, we're starting to get a whiff of Spring! Yesterday, Oma took Aunt Erin, Ivy, Mommy and me to the New England Flower Show. It was a lot of fun. We saw lots of pretty flowers:

Froggies among the lillies

Turtle in the daffodills

And I saw my buddies out sunbathing...

Roscoe, Lavender Lab and Percy catching some rays

And today, we played outside for over an hour without my hands turning to ice.

We only came in because Mommy said she was getting tired. Personally, I could have stayed out all afternoon. I love being outside!


kristin said...

looks like fun AP! and look at you go! big kid now. sned that spring up thisaway please.
xo Mrs Z

dmichaud@mit.edu said...

Hey AP,

As my big brother was always fond of saying -- "Spring has sprung and the sap is running". At least that's what he'd always say when the weather warmed up and I was running around outside.... Hey!

- Uncle Dan

Anonymous said...

Hey AP,
Looove the kicks! I can't wait to be running around with you.
xoxoAunt Amy